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Software Engineer

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« As a web engineer I offer my clients a wide experience in architecting, implementing and deploying large scale web applications. My interest lies in improving current devops practices and implementing better configuration management systems Besides I implement web applications with Ruby on Rails and am the founder and organizer of Switzerland's Rails User Group.»

How I Can Help You

I am available as a freelancer and can support your company in multiple areas.


With my knowledge I can consult you on a technical level in application architecture, performance and infrastructure questions. By analyzing your application's current setup I will suggest architecture and infrastructure changes to eliminate performance issues.
On the business side I can help you planing your project in an agile way, get your team back to focus by identifying your most urgent features and prioritizing your backlog accordingly to optimize the application's business value.

Infrastructure Automation

Every business today should fully automate their server infrastructure and deployment. Neither your sysadmins nor developers should spend time over and over for setting up servers, application environments and deployments.
I offer you the right solution to streamline your current server and application setup and remove your daily chore by introducing a configuration management system, isolating applications and moving server/applications to the cloud if possible. Tools I work with are CoreOS, Consul, etcd, Docker and Kubernetes.


Whether you want a minimum viable product implemented or your application code refactored I am able to help you as long as the technology stack is Ruby, Rails, CSS, HTML and/or JavaScript. With my experience as a team lead and product owner I can drive forward a project on my own and directly interact with your business. On the other side I can easily interagte into your development team as a developer and support them for a while to get things done and to release pressure from them.

Contact me today to discuss how I can solve your company's problems.

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