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Setup Go Development Environment on Ubuntu 14.04

A very brief guide to setup a Go development environment on Ubuntu 14.04, mostly for myself:

  1. Download the latest archive: wget It can be found on the Go install documentation.
  2. Extract...
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VirtualBox Image of Snappy Ubuntu Core

Today, Ubuntu launched a new version of their linux operating system with transactional updates and atomic workflows, called Snappy Ubuntu Core. It is very similar to CoreOS or RedHat’s Project Atomic. The base system is running on a read-only partition...

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One-Off Tasks with Kubernetes

In PaaS language one-off means running a task once until it exits, independet of its success. Such tasks should not be restarted by the scheduler in comparison to normal tasks (aka services) which should always run and be restarted in failure cases...

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Create a New Rails App

As I started a new rails project today, I thought about how to create the initial Rails app and knew that last time I used a template. But I was not sure which one, therefore I document it this time for myself and for people who don’t know this solution...

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Finally Launched my Website

Today I open up my new website. It’s quite basic but I’m very happy to have again a place on the web to blog and publish my thoughts. Especially now as a freelancer I feel the need to cultivate my online image and write articles about certain topics...

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