Create a New Rails App

As I started a new rails project today, I thought about how to create the initial Rails app and knew that last time I used a template. But I was not sure which one, therefore I document it this time for myself and for people who don’t know this solution.

Setting up a new Rails project with all required GEMs takes quite some time. But not when you use the fantastic Rails Composer. This template asks all the important questions for a perfect initial Rails app. You simply have to execute following command:

rails new myapp -m

Then you get asked which gems you want to use: database, testing framework, integration testing, template language and so on. It is all covered. And finally you have your project ready to start coding in no time.

Georg Kunz
I'm a freelancer specialized on infrastructure and web performance with the goal to improve developer's life. Founder and organizer of the Swiss Rails User Group. Former product manager and software architect at

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