VirtualBox Image of Snappy Ubuntu Core

Today, Ubuntu launched a new version of their linux operating system with transactional updates and atomic workflows, called Snappy Ubuntu Core. It is very similar to CoreOS or RedHat’s Project Atomic. The base system is running on a read-only partition and is very minimal. Updates are applied atomically which allows simple rollbacks to the previous system. On top, it provides a new packaging system called “snappy” to install frameworks and applications which are again self contained and updated atomically. It all sounds very interesting as a another base linux to run Docker-only hosts.

Unfortunately Ubuntu only released an Azure and KVM image. But happily a Hackernews user converted the KVM image into a VirtualBox disk to easily test drive it on OSX. Just download the disk, create a new virtual machine with VirtualBox, attach the downloaded disk ubuntu-core-alpha-01.vdi and start the machine. You can login with user/password ubuntu and start playing around.

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